सोमवार, 1 अगस्त 2011


Wo meri mohabbat ka sila kyoan nahi dete ,
pyar hai to jata kyoan nahi dete.
yadoan ke sahare mein jiuanga bhala kab tak ,
wo aa nahi sakte to bata kyoan nahi dete.

Jindagi waqt ke thapede se lahu-luhan hai ,
wo kaise masiha hai , is marj ki dawa bhi nahi dete .
shayad unko bhi hai meri jarurat ,
wo khafa hai to bata kyoan nahi dete .

1 टिप्पणी:

  1. The beauty of this poem lies in its simplicity.The personified self of the HEART suffers from the persecution complex. Lovelorn heart whines and pines for succour from the inflictor of luscious miseries itself. Hearty miseries wax eloquence the petulant complaints against the personified phlegmatic self of the embodied oestrogen.
    Heart blames its love interest i.e the poised BEAUTY,for its present precarious situation. As ill luck would have it, it tries to find a saviour or messiah in the individual self of the perpetrator of the sultry troubles and much to the chagrin of the rationality, it further supplicates the trouble monger for its convalescence.
    The imaginative self of the poet is successful in delineating the sufferings of the lovelorn HEART.It seems that he has felt the pangs of the pain in his bone!
    " Log auron me apne liye wafa dhoondhte hain,
    Unn wafa dhoondhne wale par aa jati hai youn hi hansi"
    God bless the simpleton HEART!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं