बुधवार, 31 अगस्त 2011


 Usne kaha tum me pahle jaise jhajhbat nahi..
 Maine kaha zindagi me jo tera pyar nahi..!
 usne kaha ab bhi kisi ki aankho  me kya doob sakte ho..
 Maine kaha ab kisiki ankhon me vo ahshas nahi !

 usne kaha kyo itna tutkar chaha mujhe......
 maine kaha dil hai mera koi raste ki deewar  nahi !

usne kaha main swapn hu, yatharth nahi
maine kaha tu sarvasv hai mera ,muje inkar nahi !

usne kaha bhul jao mujhe ...
maine kaha tu saswat  hai koi chadbabhgur khawab nahi !

usne kaha rah badal lo mai tunhari manjil nahi
maine kaha jis rahgujar tum na ho, uska andaz nahi !

usne kaha  ishq ki  dagar aasan nahi
maine kaha is pariksha se main paresha nahi !

usne kaha is duniya ka koi yakin  nahi
maine kaha duniya mei apke siwa kisi ka itabar nahi !

1 टिप्पणी:

  1. Soigne love is the flavour of the said writing. The surge of the emotions force open the aperture of the soliciting love in the state of dream. the feeling of love descends to the landscape of imagination as the moths hit the floodlight.
    In this evocative composition, incipient love and nubile longings converse in a consummate catechism. Here, literary aesthetics blossom in the face of disarming and deeply moving versified flow of the soliloquies. Imbued in characteristic honesty, this poetic write-up consciously doesn't boast of any sclerotic strands of intellectuality. It doesn't drag its readers to delve in the professed poetic wisdom. One can take it for sure, that the flotilla of enthusiastic and uninitiated readers can go floating in the seamless pool of velvety pleasures with its lucid and engaging narration. Articulate witticism compensates the monotony of backchat coalesced in the romantic over-sentimentality.
    In my personal view, this is a chick avatar of the popcorn poems. Simplicity is elegantly embedded in the strains of the verse. Intricate thoughts studiously take backseat and joi-de- vivre trickles down easily in the mind of readers.
    Normally, in the unconscious state of the mind, the consciously suppressed mundane and quotidian desires fulfilled in the bout of dreams.
    Here, the jocund yearning of the protagonist comes to life in the incessant strokes of dreams. Dreams countenances the befuddled and beleaguered heart of the hero to splash its emotions before the queen of his romantic desires.
    In the comfort of dream, lover's heart fails to resist the temptations to proclaim that the desire personified is the reality of its life!
    The poet comes as a gifted storyteller and promises to entertain his readers with his unpretentious romantic prudery!
    For keeping the readers enthralled further ahead, I wouldn't mind to jot up my appreciations for the poet's intellectual endeavor in the garb of parody as under-
    " swapno ke jhalad khushiyon ke deevar pe
    sajne abhi banki hain.
    Betab tamannaon ke vandanwad dilon me
    machalne abhi baki hain. "
    Lots of love!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं