शुक्रवार, 26 अगस्त 2011


ahsas-ek sapna

झील में उठती है क्यों तरंगें  अब तलक
क्या किसी मीन की आँखों में तड़प है अब तलक
तेरी पलकों से गिरेंगे तो कहा जायेंगे
अश्क ये सोच कर आँखों से ना निकले अब तलक

दुःख तो सीता ने सहा प्यार मिला राधा को
प्रेम परिणय से बड़ा ही रहा अब तलक
तुझको सफर खत्म करना था यही
बढते कदमो को ना क्यों रोका अब तलक

किनारे बैठ कर देखते रहे लहरों को
लहरों ने क्यों उत्पात नहीं मचाया अब तलक
पाँव पसारे है तो ठोकर भी मिलेगी तय है
बात इतनी सी समझ क्यों ना आई अब तलक

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  1. Here, the pageant of romance assures a complete intellectual thrills and bliss as raw emotions draped in elegance flirtatiously catwalks on the ramps of this literary composition. It seems that protagonist in this poem is an incorrigible flirt and habitually takes shelter under the roof of passions.Personified self of the love takes a dominant stance and cohorts the love interest to become adventurous to face the disdainful reactions of the society.At times, love mischievously chides the shy emotions to walk the extra mile as it has ventured out on its own accord and it would be quite inappropriate on its part to back track its determined feet.

    Love doesn't mind to question the impulsive longings in her lovelorn dreamy eyes.In its philosophical cap, it exhorts the demur emotions to express itself boisterously as the pangs of the pain will get exacerbated if suppressed.

    Sometimes, compassionate self of the love feels the surrogate experience of the feminine heart in the right spirit .It can sense the sea of love ,impulsive romance, buildup of the strong emotions,shyness tempered discomfort of the expression of the girly feelings, the innate hick-ups to take by horns the prying eyes of the society etc. in the heart of the beauty personified!The matured and worldly-wise love takes the extra pain to whip up the sagging morale of the deity of the tender emotions to be a person of her convictions, a comprehensive picture of grit and gumption.

    Love smitten heart prefers to get solace in its dreams and wishfully think of the emotional catastrophe to realize love and it out pours out its reserved emotions to its lady love. Provocation and evocations on the part of love take plunge in the ocean of emotions and find itself caught between the hobson choice thrown open by the drudgery of the practical social standard and the uncontrolled desires of the feminine love.

    This poem is capable to catch the imagination of the loving heart.Here words are simple , but impregnated with deep thought.Romance percolates down from the poetic expression and find itself to titillate the funny bones with superlative ease. It is a thoroughly enjoyable composition.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं